Training Program

A Safe Haven Landscaping Training Program

A Safe Haven Landscaping provides landscape training to residents through on-the-job Pre-Employment ClasswDanSanchez 010work experience. The landscape program has duration of two years or two full landscape seasons (April-November). Prior to the start of each season, a comprehensive classroom training program is conducted. In season training is conducted in an on-the-job (OJT) format, and covers three key areas-Horticulture, Safety, and Life Skills.

Training- Pre-Season

The pre-season landscape classroom training focuses on introductory horticulture topics and safety concepts. Potential landscape trainees are evaluated on field day participation, attentiveness, retention of subject matter, and attendance.


Training is conducted throughout the landscape growing season using on-the-job, “tailgate format”. Horticulture training consists of the following components:

  • Plant Installations and Projects
  • Bed Maintenance
  • Turf Maintenance

DSC02565First Year – Introductory horticulture practices and procedures will be the primary focus. Trainees are assigned a crew specializing in one of the three components. Crew assignments are determined based on trainee observations during the pre-season training.

Second Year – The remaining two components will be covered during the second year. In addition, advanced horticulture topics will be introduced to all second year trainees.

The components are divided into five units and second year trainees must display proficiency in each unit in order to graduate the program. Proficiency is determined by evaluations and operational field tests prior to the end of the landscape season.

Training- Safety

Trainees receive safety training that focuses on how to identify, avoid and minimize workplace injuries. In partnership with ARAMARK, weekly safety briefs are supported by industry research and guidelines. Each week one of these topics is discussed in the classroom setting and reinforced during on-the-job work activity. These training topics include but are not limited to:

    • Training- Life Skills
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Safe Lifting Procedures
    • Work Pace Safety
    • Ladder Safety
    • Immediate Accident Reporting


A Safe Haven Foundation (ASHF) offers an array of classes that are designed to enhance clients’ soft skills, job skills, coping skills, and living skills so when they re-enter the community they will have the knowledge base and the skills necessary to live independently and successfully.

The landscape program conducts life skills training each month and is designed to support trainees as they continue with their professional and personal development. This training supports concepts provided by A Safe Havens Center for Workforce Development and Adult Education staff. Group activities and participation is promoted and encouraged.

Recognition- Monthly

Monthly trainings include recognition and awards for Groundskeeper of the Month, Most Improved Groundskeeper and Monthly Perfect Attendance. In addition, A Safe Haven Foundation community events and educational opportunities are discussed.

Training- Supervisor

Supervisor training is conducted prior to the start of each landscape season. Training in Customer Service, Time Management, Leadership, and Providing Positive Feedback is conducted. In addition, pre-season General Standard Safety Training is conducted by ADP Risk Management.

For further information regarding our training program, please contact our Trainee Development Manager at (773) 435-8395.

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